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Here at Williams Lake Optometry, we know how important proper eye care is. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service so you can have the vision you deserve.

We truly believe in routine eye examinations so that you can see as clearly as possible. Once you have to get glasses or contacts, it is even more important to watch the health of your eyes. You also need routine checks to ensure your prescription has not changed.

To ensure good eye health and vision, we are very proud to offer the following services:

Comprehensive Eye Exams Williams Lake, BC VG P

Comprehensive Eye Exams

On average, we recommend scheduling an appointment once every two years to ensure your eyes are remaining healthy. If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, however, we recommend scheduling an appointment once or twice a year depending on the severity.

During your appointment, we will review your patient history, visual acuity, perform preliminary tests, and evaluate your eyes’ overall health.

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contact lenses Williams Lake, BC VG P

Contact Lenses

Nowadays, most people prefer to wear contacts instead of glasses. If you are interested in contact lenses, please let your eye doctor know prior to your appointment. During your exam, we will discuss the various contact lenses available and determine the best option based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

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Cataracts Williams Lake, BC VG P


Cataracts cause a clouding of the lens in the eye, making your vision appear to be foggy. Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people over 40 and are the leading cause of blindness in the world.

Your eyes are meant to naturally adjust to normal light changes, adjust focus, and allow us to see both near and far. Your lens is primarily made up of water and proteins. The proper arrangement of these proteins is what contributes to normal vision. Some of these proteins clump together forming a clouding of the lens.

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Dry Eye Treatment Williams Lake, BC VG P

Dry Eye Treatment

Williams Lake Optometry is proud to offer dry eye treatment for our patients. Ocular Surface Disease, also known as dry eye, can occur from certain medications, naturally by aging, or as a symptom arising from systemic diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, or Lupus. If you have a minor case of dry eye, you may be experiencing irritation, excessive tearing, fluctuating vision, and/or a burning sensation in your eyes. Excessive dry eyes, or dry eye symptoms that go untreated, have the potential to damage eye tissue, scar your corneas, and impair your vision.

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emergency eye care Williams Lake, BC VG P

Emergency Care

Here at Williams Lake Optometry, we are here for you in the case of an emergency. There are times when you may need immediate care for your eyes. Any time that you experience trauma to your eyes, you need to be seen. If you get anything in your eye, especially chemicals and foreign objects, you should be seen immediately to limit the potential damage to the eye.

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Pediatric Eye Exams Williams Lake, BC VG P

Pediatric Eye Exams

Here at Williams Lake Optometry, we are proud to offer pediatric eye examinations. Children should have their first eye exam around the age of six months. If the first exam finds that their eyes are healthy, they won’t need another appointment until they are between the age of two and three.

Although many schools offer annual eye exams, they are not complete visual exams and the results can be inaccurate. For this reason, you should schedule yearly or bi-yearly examinations to ensure that your child’s eyes are healthy and that he or she can see clearly.

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Frames Williams Lake, BC VG P


There are many different styles, shapes, and materials to choose from when picking out the best frames for your lenses. This can sometimes be an overwhelming and difficult decision, but at Williams Lake Optometry, we are happy to help you find the best frames for your specific wants and needs. Although frames are primarily a style choice, they are also affected by prescription strength. High-index prescriptions may limit which frames can support your lenses, but our friendly opticians are happy to help you find the right solution!

Frame material is also an important choice that needs to be made when choosing your frames. For our patients with metal allergies, we offer several options in alternative frame materials such as plastic or acetate. Since plastic and acetate frames are generally not adjustable, it is crucial to get the proper fit. Stainless steel frames are also an option as it tends to be less irritating than other metals for those with sensitive skin. Titanium is another alternative, and they are incredibly lightweight as well as durable and hypoallergenic.

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Frames Williams Lake, BC VG P


Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from sunlight. While all tinted lenses help to protect your eyes from sunlight, some will protect your eyes better than others. Sunglasses with lenses that block ultraviolet sunlight are the best option. Although sunglasses can be expensive, there are many affordable brands that provide great protection from harmful sunlight as well. If you are interested in finding the best brand of sunglasses for your lifestyle, we can help you find them.

We have a variety of options for you to choose from that will comfortably fit your face and let you enjoy the warm weather in style. Prescription lenses can be applied to most sunglasses and we can help you order a specific brand if we don’t have them in the store.

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Designer Frames Williams Lake, BC VG P

Designer Frames

Williams Lake Optometry is proud to offer a wide variety of designer frames! Glasses, more than ever, say a lot about your personality, style, and fashion. Selecting the right frames can be confusing and daunting, especially for first time patients. Our staff has a great deal of experience helping patients find the best frames for them – taking into account budget, medical needs, lifestyle, and appearance.

At Williams Lake Optometry, we are here to help you find the perfect look, while also correcting your vision. There is no replacement for professional help finding the right frames for your face, but the guide below can give you an idea of what to look for.

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Vision Therapy Williams Lake, BC VG P

Vision Therapy

Optometric vision therapy is a service that works to effectively develop or improve fundamental visual skills. It is similar to physical therapy, but for your eyes. The visual system is made up of the eyes and brain. It is this eye-brain connection that is trained with an individually tailored vision therapy program. Successful vision therapy can improve visual comfort and efficiency, change how information is processed and interpreted, as well as provide a foundation to succeed.

What is vision therapy?

A highly effective, non-surgical treatment for common binocular vision problems. Programs are individualized, doctor supervised, and include a variety of activities according to the visual needs of the patient.

It is estimated that 80% of learning is done through vision

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 10 children suffer from a vision problem severe enough to affect their learning.

What can you expect in vision therapy?

  • Typically scheduled 45-minute sessions 1-2 times weekly in office
  • One on one sessions with a trained vision therapist
  • 10-15 minutes of assigned homework essential to the success of vision therapy
  • Therapy activities tailored to your visual goals and weaknesses

Vision Therapy uses a variety of equipment included but not limited to therapeutic lenses, prisms, filters, occludes or patches, electronic targets, balance boards and walking rails.

In vision therapy we aim to improve or develop fundamental visual skills and abilities such as eye-teaming, eye alignment, focusing, oculomotor control, visual processing, as well as helping patients with post-concussion syndrome.

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Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal lenses allow for more than one prescription in a single lens. Frequently this is found in lenses with zones for distance vision and reading or near vision. While this might conjure images of growing older, multifocal lenses aren’t just for grandparents. There are several reasons why younger patients, even children, can benefit from these types of lenses.

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